• low carbon
  • high heat resistant up to 85ºC / 185ºF
  • eco and economic
  • certified compostable



Choose our newer recycled compostable RCPLA cutlery, in black or white. Or our original compostable CPLA cutlery.


Our recycled compostable RCPLA cutlery took two years of R&D. This is the world's first cutlery range made entirely from recycled PLA! It has 90% less embodied carbon than plastic and 51% less carbon than new PLA. It's sleek and stylish, and the black version is coloured with food-safe carbon black pigment.


Like all Vegware, our RCPLA and CPLA cutlery is certified compostable, so it can simply go in the food waste bin after use. Our latest innovation is environmentally and economically sustainable, offering excellent value for a truly eco product. 


We still love our original 6.5in CPLA compostable high-heat cutlery. It's made from plant-based PLA, and can take heat up to 85°C making it perfect for hot foods and soups. It is sleek, white, has a lovely smooth feel, and is robust enough to attack crunchy lunches. This is Europe's first high-heat cutlery with compostability certification from the Biodegradable Products Insitute (BPI), proving it is perfect for industrial composting. But we think that it's simply great cutlery. 





Tutti frutti eco ice cream spoons by Vegware from Vegware on Vimeo.

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Cute eco teaspoons! Our 3in white or tutti frutti ice cream spoons are perfect for cold treats. Our 4.5in teaspoon is great up to 85ºC, and made of 100% recycled plant-based RCPLA.

Wooden Cutlery

Our new wooden cutlery range is sleek, stylish and sturdy. Great for hot or cold food.


CPLA cutlery

A Vegware innovation! Commercially compostable cutlery suitable for food waste recycling, where accepted. Perfect for hot or cold food. Matt finish.

RCPLA cutlery

World's first cutlery made from reclaimed high-heat PLA. Glossy finish, for hot or cold use.


Kits with a knife, fork and spoon together with a napkin, wrapped in bio film.