Hot bags and wraps


  • perfect for paninis and hot wraps
  • eco options for hot cabinets
  • innovative eco glassine bag
  • sustainably-sourced
  • completely compostable


Our glassine bag is another Vegware first - the first compostable window bag for hot cabinets. Most bags like this would use a flexible plastic window which is tricky to recycle. But we have used NatureFlex, a home-compostable clear film made of wood pulp. Available in two sizes, our glassine bags offer great hot cabinet visibility for paninis, pasties and hot wraps.


Our hot & crispy pouch is an exciting product for paninis and wraps. Two layers of perforated paper keep your food warm whilst allowing it to breathe, not sweat. Bye bye soggy mess, hello hot & crispy bag. Suitable for hot cabinets up to 90°C.


Our ovenable wrap allows you to cook, store and serve hot wraps in the same packaging! Pop in your uncooked wrap, fold it up snug, heat it up to 220°C, keep it in the hot cabinet and then serve! To eat simply tear along the dotted line to enjoy your hot treats without dripping melted cheese down your elbows!

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Glassine Bags

Our innovative glassine bags - the first completely compostable hot cabinet bag with a compostable window! 


Hot wraps

Two practical options for hot wraps to go - our hot & crispy pouch and our ovenable wrap. Both have perforated lines to rip and reveal your hot wrap whilst still keeping it intact. More eating, less mess.