Palm leaf tableware


  • completely compostable
  • natural leaves pressed into shape 
  • free from chemicals
  • microwavable and freezable 
  • ideal for hot or wet foods


What could be more eco than tableware which falls straight from the tree? Our natural palm leaf tableware is made of Areca nut palm leaves gathered in the forests of Kerala, Southern India.


Fallen leaves are collected, soaked in spring water, heat pressed into shape, then dried. There are no coatings, no additives and no chemicals – just the natural leaf. There are natural variations in the final colour and thickness, as no two leaves are the same! All of them are compostable.


Fallen leaves are a sustainable, easily-renewed material, and producing this tableware provides work for social enterprises in rural India. Most of the production units are small “micro” farms and are often family run.


It is very sturdy, suitable for a huge variety of hot, wet and oily foods. Very liquid foods will be fine for up to 3 hours. They are safe for freezer and microwave use.

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Palm leaf - specials

The irresistable heart-shaped dish and a useful 14in serving platter...


Palm leaf - round

 Round bowls and plates from 5 to 10 inches...


Palm leaf - oval

 Some pleasing oval and egg-shaped dishes...


Palm leaf - angular

 If you're in the mood for rectangles, squares or hexagons...