Compostable FAQ




Vegware is designed for commercial composting


Single-use containers: We all know the challenges, so let’s explore a compostable solution. Even with a major shift to reusables some disposables will always be needed, especially in a hustle-and-bustle city like Hong Kong. By choosing compostables, foodservice businesses can actively drive change to the recycling process in their communities. Here’s why a business should consider going compostable.


What is Vegware?


Vegware is a manufacturer and visionary brand, the only completely compostable packaging company operating globally, including in HK! Our award-winning eco catering disposables include hot and cold drink cups, takeout boxes, and food containers that are low carbon, made from renewable or recycled materials, and can be commercially composted with food waste where facilities exist.



What is Vegware made from?


Vegware is high-quality packaging made from plants, not plastic. After use, they are designed for industrial composting with food waste. Vegware replaces conventional plastics with various plant-based materials.


For example, PLA is a compostable material made from plants. PLA replaces the plastic in coffee cup linings and sandwich box windows and is the clear material in our cold cups and deli containers. Our hot cup lids and cutlery are made from a high-heat version of PLA.


Sugarcane fiber is another practical material we use for our clamshells, plates, and bowls. Known as bagasse, it’s very functional by keeping heat in while not trapping condensation. Plus, it’s derived from a renewable source: a recycled by-product of the sugar industry.



Vegware is designed for commercial composting

What’s the point if I can’t compost it?


The earth has finite resources. Disposables are used for such a short time, so it makes sense to switch to renewable materials, reserving conventional plastics for applications where they can’t be easily replaced. Lots of people enjoy using plant-based materials, knowing they are a simple way to reduce carbon and help their business go green.


But here’s the exciting part. When the Wright Brothers invented the aeroplane, there were no airports, and look at air infrastructure now. By choosing compostables, foodservice businesses can actively drive changes in HK recycling. The more compostables there are in use, the more we can work with the waste sector to extend collections throughout HK.


Vegware is designed for commercial composting with food waste


The way forward in HK


Since 2014, our environmental team has been working with composters to trial composting to see how the practice can work here in Hong Kong.


Additionally, we have seen the gradual development of Organic Resources Recovery Centres (ORRCs), which recover reusable materials and energy from source-separated organic waste. The ORRC initiative shows the need, and benefits of, recycling food waste, while also creating opportunities for compostable packaging.


At this moment, we are continuing communications with the ORRC, and we need your voice to help show the demand for compostable disposables. The more businesses that go compostable, the faster we can achieve this much-needed change and reserve the use of plastics to areas where it is most helpful.