Eco Audits

Switching to Vegware offers real environmental benefits - by the kilo.

We believe it's important to quantify your environmental improvements. Vegware invoices therefore feature three key figures - our Eco Audits. Here's what they are, and how we calculate them...

Vegware Eco Audits




Carbon Saved

Per kilo of resin, the carbon footprint of conventional plastic (PET) is 3.4kg, whereas for our bioplastic (PLA) it's 0.75kg.

We assume that we are swapping a PLA product for an equivalent plastic product which was made in the same place and transported in the same way, which gives us a carbon saving of 2.65kg per kilo of finished product. Our invoices show the carbon saved from switching to a clean bioplastic.

Virgin material saved

Many of our products are made from recycled material. We track the total weight of non-virgin material used for each order.


Potential landfill diversion

Landfill is the most expensive destination for UK waste, so recycling is cheaper and greener. Vegware packaging is certified compostable and can be organically recycled together with food waste.

Many of our products are also suitable for recycling. This figure tells you how many kilos of used packaging you can divert from landfill. What's more, our Food Waste Network helps any UK business find its ideal food waste recycling partner.


We are proud of our customers' Eco Audits! Together all our global customers saved...



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