Hot cup extras



  • award-winning lids
  • fairtrade sugar sticks 
  • wooden stirrers
  • kraft sleeves
  • recycled pulp cup trays


Your compostable cups will feel underdressed without these must-have eco-chic accessories.


The real stars of the show here are our compostable coffee cup lids, star of stage (when collecting awards) and screen (watch its one-minute-biopic on YouTube).

They're made from plants, not oil, so have a much lower carbon footprint. In fact, CPLA - the high heat PLA they are made from contains 62% less embodied carbon than plastic. After use, rather than clogging up landfill, they can be recycled together with food waste, turning into compost in under 12 weeks. No wonder they keep winning innovation awards. Our 79mm and 89mm lids have had a revamp for 2016, and boast some great new features:


  • Fantastic heat resistance
  • Tighter, more secure seal
  • New ergonomic design for spill free sipping


But our innovative sugar sticks deserve applause too. These are the only compostable sugar sticks with a plastic-free wrap. After use, either recycle with dry paper or compost them with food waste.  

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Hot cup lids

Meet the world's first completely compostable hot cup lid! It's made of CPLA (high heat plant-based PLA), can take high temperatures, and can compost in under 12 weeks. It took us nearly three years of R&D but we have invented a real winner of a product.


Our brilliant lid comes in four sizes. 79mm to fit our 8oz cups, and 89mm to fit the 10/12/16oz cups. The large one fits many widely-available 10, 12 and 16oz hot cups which have a rim diameter of 89-90mm. And now, we have also introduced the world's first completely compostable lid to fit a 4oz and a 6oz cup!

Sugar Sticks


White or brown fairtrade sugar, wrapped in the first plastic-free wrap. Both come in handy portion sizes, and are printed with the fairtrade logo. Recyclable with paper or compostable with food waste!


Kraft Sleeves/Clutches


For extra hand protection when using our hot cups for teas or soup, the compostable brown kraft sleeves slip easily over the cups. They come in two sizes - one to fit the 8oz cups, and another to fit the 10-20oz cups. Both sleeves are plain but can be supplied printed on request.


Cup Carry Trays

We have two options for cup carry trays ideal for coffee-drinkers with more friends than free hands. One style is made from recycled pulp and the other is from kraft card with a handle. Both are available in two sizes, for two or four cups.

We now have an interesting revamp to the hot cup extras range. Our new splittable 4-cup carry tray has perforations down the middle so it can easily be split into two 2-cup carry trays!



Choose from two sizes of wooden stirrers, 5.5 inch or 7.5 inch. After much experimentation, we can finally recommend the shorter one for smaller cups (8, 10 and 12 oz), and the longer one for bigger cups (16oz).