16oz PLA Bella pot, 96-Series

Code: BEL-16

Sturdy round pots. Perfect for granola and yoghurt, mixed salads or cold desserts. Made from PLA, a renewable material made from plants. Clear for visibility. On-pack eco messaging in green and Vegware's Green Leaf tab showcase their compostable credentials. Fits Vegware's 3oz insert for a food combo and 96-Series lids for food on the go. Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted.


適合用於食物組合的 Vegware 3 安士配件和96 系列蓋子。 堅固的小圓形食盒。非常適合麥片和乳酪、混合沙拉或冷甜點,可盛載最高 50℃ 的食品。由隱含碳的含量比塑膠低 79% 的植物製聚乳酸製成。 PLA 是一種由植物製成的可再生材料,輕巧結實,安全無毒。包裝上的綠色生態資訊和 Vegware 的 Green Leaf 標籤展示了其可堆肥證書。使用後更可與廚餘一同回收,變成堆肥物料。

Product specs

Case count
Items per pack
Packs per case
Product dimensions
Weight: 10.6g
Height: 97mm
Top diameter: 96mm
Bottom diameter: 53mm
Case dimensions
Length: 0.5m
Width: 0.4m
Depth: 0.4m
Volume: 0.08m3
Net weight: 10.600kg
Gross weight: 11.600kg
Outer packing weight: 0.900kg
Inner packing weight: 1.000kg
Pack weight
Packs weight: 0.530kg