16oz double wall brown kraft cup VDW-K16

Code: VDW-K16

★ Water-based lining is available upon request

A Vegware innovation! The greenest insulated hot cup on the market. Lined with plant-based PLA, not plastic, our double wall cups are completely compostable. They even won Vegware Best New Product in the first ever Climate Week Awards!

★ 水性塗層可供預訂


Vegware創新產品!市面上最環保的隔熱熱飲杯。我們的16安士雙層杯子採用植物性 PLA(而非塑膠)塗層內襯,完全可堆肥。這款杯在首屆氣候週獎中贏得了 Vegware 最佳新產品獎!Vegware 環保餐具及外賣包裝,品質屢獲殊榮,由植物製成,使用後更可與廚餘一同回收,變成堆肥物料。另外,我們有客製化餐具及食品包裝服務,讓您推廣品牌,詳情可瀏覽我們 客製化 專頁。

Product specs

Case count
Items per pack
Packs per case
Product dimensions
Weight: 22.6g
Height: 135mm
Top diameter: 90mm
Bottom diameter: 60mm
Case dimensions
Length: 0.8m
Width: 0.4m
Depth: 0.4m
Volume: 0.11m3
EAN number
Net weight: 8.700kg
Gross weight: 8.800kg
Outer packing weight: 1.100kg
Inner packing weight: 0.100kg
Pack weight
Packs weight: 1.053kg