8in square bagasse plate

Code: VPSQ-08

Our stylish 8in square plate is perfect for hot or cold meals. Sturdy, stylish and good for hot or cold food. Microwave and freezer safe. Far more sturdy than paper plates, and far less carbon too.

8 寸方形餐碟 

尺寸非常適合搭配沙拉或小吃。堅固、時尚,適用於熱食或冷食,可用於微波爐和冰箱,由冷凍-15ºC 至 耐熱220 ºC 高溫。比紙餐盤堅固得多。Vegware 環保餐具及外賣包裝,品質屢獲殊榮,由植物製成,可以有效堆疊並且使用後更可與廚餘一同回收,變成堆肥物料。

Product specs

Case count
Items per pack
Packs per case
Product dimensions
Length: 200mm
Width: 200mm
Height: 15mm
Case dimensions
Length: 0.4m
Width: 0.3m
Depth: 0.2m
Volume: 0.03m3
EAN number
Net weight: 8.700kg
Gross weight: 8.800kg
Outer packing weight: 0.700kg
Inner packing weight: 0.100kg
Pack weight
Packs weight: 0.800kg