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Cold cups

Paper cold cups made from sustainably-sourced board and lined on both sides with plant-based PLA. Our PLA clear cold cups are strong, light and perfect for cold drinks. Use our 2-4oz portion pots for our 76-Series cold cups, or 3oz insert for our 96-Series cold cups to turn them into snack combos. Use the Series numbers to match cups to lids.

紙質凍飲杯由可持續來源的紙製成,內裡為植物性 PLA塗層。我們的植物性 PLA 透明凍飲杯堅固、輕便,非常適合冷飲。可以靈活配搭我們的 2-4 安士醬料杯用於 76 系列冷杯,或將 3 安士配件件用於 96 系列凍飲杯,將它們變成零食組合。使用同系列號將杯子與杯蓋相配。

Paper cold cups

Sustainably-sourced paper cold cups in crisp white with Vegware's Green Leaf band.

★ Water-based lining is available upon request

Paper straws

Vegware’s paper straws are high quality, food safe and keep carbonated drinks fizzy for longer. Made in Britain, they’re available in a variety of sizes and designs, including ones tied in with eco messaging.

Slim 76mm cups

Our slim PLA cups have 76mm rim diameter to fit many water cooler cup dispensers, and the 7oz is perfect for serving wine. These two are also very popular for fruit salads, yoghurts and puddings when used with the no-hole lids.